Gente On-Line

28 sep. 2013

As I was walking back home, hearing a dog's barking, feeling the cold breeze getting under my skin, I suddenly realize I was walking alone through the heart of one of the most poor and dangerous neighborhoods in the city. The street lights were off, and the shadows deep. I could hear my steps, my breath and my thoughts.
When I fully realized the scenario I was in, I started thinking of how easy I could be assaulted.  Me, alone, in a deserted street, with no lights whatsoever, and no way to defend myself. What could I do? Who would hear my scream? And more important: who would care?
I wonder if my aggressor would carry any type of weapon. Maybe a knife, maybe a gun. Not that we would need it, but still.
I wonder how many people have guns. I wonder how many guns there are in this neighborhood. I wonder how many of them were used in crimes. How many were shot in those crimes? How many of those crimes involved killing?
What would I feel in that moment? I bet I’d be scared as hell! My life ending. No more surprises, no more desires. How it feels, I wonder, at the very first moment you realize you are surely going to die. And how would my friends and family take the notice?
And as I’m thinking all of this, I realize I just got home. Safe. What a deception.